From afar! Australian investment and Trade Commission

Date:2019-05-13 Views:1790

Recently, the Australian government's trade and investment committee came all the way to the company for an exchange visit accompanied by the leaders of the company.

The Australian investment and Trade Commission (AITC) is a branch of the Australian government established in various countries to promote cooperation between domestic enterprises and foreign countries. At the symposium, the two sides held friendly talks and laid the foundation for future transnational cooperation.

At the meeting, the Australian Investment Committee said that Qiaqia is a global nut enterprise, which has always adhered to high standard production. Nut products are sold to the global market, especially in the European and American markets with the most strict requirements on product quality. We are willing to cooperate with such quality seeking enterprises, and we are willing to help Qiaqia in the raw material end, food research and development process, preservation and preservation process, and even cultivation and planting. Provide unconditional technical support.

Regarding the high evaluation of Qiaqia and the future cooperation prospect of Qiaqia, Mr. Chen Jun, vice president of Qiaqia, said: Australia is a global Padan high-quality production area. Purchasing Padan raw materials from Australia is in line with the demands of the company's fresh strategy, and expresses expectations for in-depth cooperation with opportunities in the future.

For more than 20 years, Qiaqia has been focusing on high-quality manufacturing. Qiaqia knows that "fresh and delicious" nut food is the hard truth. In this regard, Qiaqia refined the product quality, and "kept fresh" the best nutrition and taste of raw materials with advanced industrial technology, so that consumers can eat really fresh and delicious nut snacks.

In recent years, Qiaqia has integrated many high-quality nut producing areas at home and abroad, implemented the standardized inspection process of raw materials, and established a storage base around the raw materials to provide guarantee for the storage and preservation of dry fruit raw materials. Its related technologies have also won the second prize of "National Science and technology Progress Award". The whole process cold chain logistics adopted in the transportation of raw materials, the micro pressure light baking, nitrogen filling fresh-keeping and other patented technologies independently developed in the production and manufacturing are also important factors to ensure the safety, stability and freshness of nut quality.

Take quality as the core and fresh as the goal. I believe that on the way to become the world's leading nut snack enterprise, qiqia keeps advancing and getting better and better.