More possibilities, create with you

  • Talent concept

    This young and passionate team, each colleague is a business partner

    We create an atmosphere of equality, trust and enthusiasm.

    Advocate healthy, happy, positive work attitude

    Because of Shared ideals and values

    We work hard, cooperate, and share the joy of success

  • Welfare treatment

    1、National holidays

    2、Pay six insurances and one housing fund (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund)

    3、Provide meal repair, word repair, car repair

    4、Enjoy festival allowance, high temperature allowance

    5、Enjoy welfare (birthday/marriage/birth/injury, etc.)

    6、Organize physical examination and group tour every year

    7、A variety of monthly staff activities


Job name


Degree required