Raw material planting

Nut pie from the quality selection of seedlings, to seedlings, cultivation during the care, to ensure that every seedling to harvest

Nut pie nursery stock cultivation and marketing

Macadamia nut cultivars were selected from the hybrids of light shell and coarse shell or both. At present, the world's major production areas breeding and officially named about 60. Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Kenya, China and other breeding varieties. But the most widely used varieties are the Hawaiian and Australian varieties, and the selected varieties in other growing areas are in the promotion and demonstration stage.

Hawaiian fruit plantation

Baise planting base

Green root fruit planting base

Gao liu planting base

Chizhou planting base

Changfeng planting base

The raw material processing

Nut pie has formed a modern demonstration base for the cultivation of macadamia nuts and pican fruits, with the development direction of germplasm resources, seedling cultivation, ear picking nursery and quality and processing technology research

Global trade

Create the world's leading tree nut raw material trading enterprises
  • Nut products go around the world

  • Domestic and international nut product exchanges are frequent

  • Integrate domestic and foreign nut farm resources

  • Fresh raw nuts
  • Build industry ecological chain
  • Poverty alleviation

About nut pie

In May 2018, hefei huatai group invested 70% and qiaqiao food 30% to establish qiaqiao nut pie (a holding subsidiary of hefei huatai), with a total registered capital of 300 million yuan. Qiaqia-nut school consists of guangxi nut school agriculture co., LTD., chizhou nut school agriculture co., LTD., changfeng nut school agriculture co., LTD. Mainly engaged in bigen fruit, macadamia nut planting, acquisition, raw materials processing, seedlings sales.