China nut fry industry conference was held successfully, and negotiated with nut to lead the Chinese nut fry Exhibition

Date:2019-05-13 Views:2127

On April 19, the 13th China nuts fried food exhibition 2019, sponsored by the nuts fried Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association, was held in Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center, Hefei, Anhui Province. The 20-year-old Qiaqia costumes made of professional nuts appeared in this exhibition. On the same day, the working meeting of the chairman of the nut fry Committee of China Food Industry Association was held in the headquarters of Qiaqia. Come and see the meeting of the big nut fry men of China with Xiaoqiao. What are they discussing?

Up to now, "China nut fry food exhibition" has been successfully held for 12 sessions, has a set of international operation mode, and has become the largest and most professional nut fry brand exhibition in China and even in the world. As a leading enterprise in nut stir fry industry, with its own brand image and enterprise advantages, it has been invited to participate in the exhibition for many years.

More than 500 representatives from 21 provinces and cities across the country, as well as the United States, Turkey, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions attended the exhibition, and nearly 80000 people are expected to visit the exhibition, a record high since its launch.

In this year's nut fry show, Qiaqia nut showed the public the star products with high reputation and reputation: Qiaqia small yellow bag daily nuts and blue bag series, which not only refreshed the record of the number of visitors, but also attracted many media to interview, once again verified the charm of Qiaqia nut!

Picture: Ms. Chen Dongmei, chairman of Huatai, interviewed reporters on the spot

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up system, China's nut market has gradually developed into a high-quality market with the highest degree of internationalization, the largest market potential. What's worth mentioning is that Qiaqia xiaohuangbao daily nut, with the concept of "fresh" and "quality manufacturing", has inspired consumers' demands for health, quickly seized the category highland, and leapt to be the leader in the nut industry.

Photo: Weng Yangyang, executive vice president and Secretary General of China nut fry Association

At the same time, nut tycoons also take this opportunity to get together and talk about the development prospects of China's nut fry industry. On the opening day of the stir fry exhibition, the chairman's working meeting of the nut stir fry Committee of China Food Industry Association was held at the headquarters of Qiaqia. Ms. Weng Yangyang, President of China nut fry Association, Ms. Chen Dongmei, chairman of Huatai Group, Ms. Chen Qi, vice chairman of Huatai Group, and heads of the president units of all associations participated in the meeting.

"Through this exhibition, I believe that it will play a positive role in showing and summarizing the achievements and experience of the nut stir fry industry in China, leading the industry to develop continuously, healthily and rapidly in the new economic era, and creating a better new life for the Chinese people." Weng Yangyang, President of China nut fry Association, said.

In recent years, Qiaqia nuts has continuously injected new impetus into R & D, manufacturing, sales, product services and other fields in order to meet the needs of China's nut fry industry and sustainable development in the new situation. For example, qiaqa "key technology and industrialization of dry nut storage and processing quality assurance in China" project won the "second prize of national science and technology progress in China" issued by the State Council, and won authoritative attention and unanimous praise in the industry.

Behind the outstanding achievements is the strong endorsement and consumer base brought by the "Qiaqia" brand, and the upgrading and layout in many dimensions around the concept of "quality manufacturing". In 2019, based on the industry's recognition of Qiaqia's "fresh" strategy and the concept of "quality manufacturing", Qiaqia will start the first year of nuts, making full efforts in product strength, brand strength and channel strength, and continue to win market competition.

It is reported that the exhibition will last until the 21st (this Sunday). The majority of foodie friends may as well come to have a look at the weekend and have a "close contact" with Qiaqia nuts, which may be a surprise.