Qiaqia yellow bag daily nuts get BRC a certification

Date:2019-05-08 Views:813

With the emergence of food safety events and the continuous improvement of health knowledge, people pay more and more attention to the safety and nutritional value of food. For food, "safety" and "nutrition" are always the two most concerned elements of consumers. At present, most people know very little about testing "food safety standards". For consumers, the most direct and convenient way to know whether the product is safe and reliable is to check whether the product has passed the food safety "certification".

The world's most advanced food safety certification

In 1998, BRC food technical standard (BRC food technical standard) was established by British Retail Association to evaluate the safety of retailers' own brand food.

 Many well-known enterprises in the world regard BRC certification as an important and authoritative third-party supervision, while many markets regard BRC certification as an invisible technical barrier. In the European and American retail market, without BRC certificate, the product cannot enter its market. Passing BRC certification means that it has obtained the quality pass of EU market access.

What's more proud of we have passed the highest level certification: Class A


①BRC standard has been popularized and applied to food enterprises all over the world, and has become the same assessment standard for food suppliers adopted by retail industry in various countries.      


② BRC standard has become the basic standard of food safety management,and has become the proof of the ability of food safety exported to European market to continue to comply with local laws and regulations.      


③ BRC certification has become an internationally recognized food standard, which is also one of the most widely used standards for large enterprises in Europe and the United States.      


Qiaqia yellow bag leads healthy snacks to the world

Product quality is the new normal of healthy snacks. For consumers with varied tastes, Qiaqia small yellow bag provides fresh and natural healthy snacks to global consumers every day. Before getting BRC a certification, Qiaqia yellow bag has become the first brand in the daily nut category to be selected into the "national health brand plan" this year. It has also won various honors issued by many authoritative organizations: the "national nut processing technology research and development center" certified by the Ministry of agriculture; the "2018 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration" certified by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the "2018 manufacturing and Internet integration development pilot demonstration"; the "health value and innovative value brand products of Chinese nut fry food industry" award issued by the Food Industry Association; The "only nut" supplier of the first China International Import Expo has numerous honors.

With consumers pursuing healthy and natural snacks, nuts have been growing rapidly in recent years with great potential. Nuts are a huge market with a market potential of 30-40 billion yuan per day. Qiaqia regards daily nuts as the second strategic category besides melon seeds, while Qiaqia xiaohuangbao has become the sub brand of Qiaqia in daily nuts. Because of its good "visual hammer" effect, it is easy to be recognized by consumers.

As early as during the trial sale, the revenue of Qiaqia yellow bag has exceeded 500 million yuan. Daily nuts, independent small packaging and mixed nuts are the trend of innovation in the nut industry. At present, China's combined packaging snacks show a step-by-step growth, in which the proportion of combined packaging nuts fried goods has increased, and the combination packaging that can meet different needs at one time is the new trend of snacks. Now it has sold well in 40 countries in Europe and America and won the trust of global consumers.

Now, Qiaqia xiaohuangbao has obtained BRC A-level authority certification, marking that the quality and safety management level of Qiaqia xiaohuangbao has reached the world's top level, and the "yellow bag storm" is leading China's healthy snacks on the road of world quality winning.