Qiaqia launched Chinese new year brand representative alliance to let the world fall in love with Chinese new year brand

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On January 10, 2019, the conference of "let the world fall in love with Chinese New Year flavor" Chinese New Year flavor brand representative alliance sponsored by people's health of people.com and co organized by Qiaqia food was held in the No.1 studio of new media building of people's daily. Relevant leaders of China Food Industry Association, China non staple food circulation association and other industry associations, and members of the alliance negotiated with food, golden monkey, Huiyuan, Wuliangye, Wahaha, Luzhou Laojiao, Mengniu, Shuanghui, Li Jinji, Dongpeng teyin, Zhou Heiya and other enterprises as well as more than 30 authoritative media across the country to discuss the Chinese annual culture, exchange the new trend of the industry and conspire together. Alliance development.

1.Based on the new era, accelerate the global output of new year flavor culture

With the Spring Festival approaching, buying new year's goods has become a top priority for every household. New year's goods represent the taste of the Spring Festival, the memories of the Spring Festival and the changes of the times. Kaidu consumer index has made a deep analysis of the changes in the annual flavor economy, and released the white paper on the development trend of the annual flavor in China at the conference of the annual flavor brand representative alliance in China. The white paper expounds the great change of annual goods consumption trend from three aspects of "people goods market".

In 2017, China's Engel coefficient was 29.3%, falling below 30 for the first time. China's consumption has entered a period from quantitative change to qualitative change.Young consumers have become the "main force" of new year's products, while high-income and old families have become the "potential force" of consumption upgrading.According to the data, consumers' annual goods list also increasingly prefer health, fashion and other categories. The demand for high-end annual goods has increased significantly, for example, the purchase growth rate of nut category is as high as 46%.  


With the increasing diversification of purchasing channels, new year's products are not only the battleground of offline channels, but also an important node of online platforms such as e-commerce. Even more representative brands of Chinese New Year's products, such as national snacks representative Qiaqia, are actively going out to sea to form a "new China business card" to meet the diversified demand of global consumers for new year's products, and can be enjoyed "anytime, anywhere" Chinese year. According to the white paper on the development trend of China's annual flavor, the number of consumers' touch during the Spring Festival is 10% higher than usual, reaching 630 million person times, which is the best opportunity to reach consumers in related categories of annual products. Among them, the number of consumers' touch of national good nuts - Qiaqia food during the 2018 Spring Festival (February 2018) is about 12 million, ranking first in the nut industry.

2. The product culture policy develops in resonance, and the new year flavor products usher in a big explosion

"We should vigorously implement the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent culture, so that the traditional culture can fundamentally make the" new year flavor "strong, vigorous and alive. "Wan Shicheng, general manager of people's health of people's network, the sponsor, said that globalization and expansion need to be undertaken by big countries, and Chinese New Year flavor also needs to be undertaken by brands. The establishment of Chinese New Year flavor brand representative alliance is of great significance to integrate Chinese New Year flavor brand, create a new image of Chinese products in line with the world, promote the horizontal communication between enterprises, and further promote the brand promotion, channel innovation, and the overall progress of public praise. It is an important measure to inherit the development of Chinese New Year flavor culture.

Wan Shicheng, general manager of people's health

"To make the world fall in love with the Chinese New Year flavor" is in line with the policy goal of the state vigorously supporting private enterprises to "sail to the sea". He Jihong, President of the China non staple food circulation association, said that the establishment of the Chinese flavor brand representative alliance was a win win business in the "one belt and one road" construction process. The Chinese flavor brand went to the world. It is not only the annual output going to the world, but also the world output of Chinese culture and spirit, and the first batch of twelve joined the first batch of Chinese food companies such as QQ food, Mengniu, Wuliangye and Wahaha. Brand represents the important role played by the pillar brand of the alliance.

He Jihong, President of China non staple food circulation association

"The promotion of product strength will surely lead the pillar brand of Chinese New Year flavor to lead the new trend of the world. "Li Yu, chief engineer of China Food Industry Association, said that product technology innovation and quality improvement will create a huge value space for the brand. Taking Qiaqia food as an example, he said that Qiaqia food is constantly upgrading its products, integrating traditional culture into its own brand in the process of bringing out the old and bringing forth the new. By highlighting emotional care, it gives melon seeds the connotation of accompanying family members, and makes the new year taste better Warm. In terms of products, the integration of new year flavor into the brand will further accelerate the rapid realization of "let the world fall in love with Chinese New Year flavor" by China New Year flavor alliance and guide the consumption trend.

Li Yu, chief engineer of China Food Industry Association

3. Overseas sales totaled 1.5 billion packages, and negotiated to help the world fall in love with the Chinese New Year

Wang Bin, assistant president of Qiaqia food, made a keynote speech entitled "let the world fall in love with Chinese New Year flavor" at the conference. Wang Bin said that Qiaqia food, together with people's health.com and 11 pillar brands of Chinese New Year products, jointly initiated the establishment of "China New Year flavor brand representative alliance", aiming to integrate industry resources, jointly promote and develop Chinese New Year flavor culture, accelerate the "going out" of Chinese traditional culture, become an important carrier for promoting international cultural exchanges, and let the world love Chinese New Year flavor.

Wang Bin said that melon seeds and nuts are indispensable for enjoying the Chinese New Year's flavor. Qiaqia food has been focusing on nut quality for 20 years and is a leading brand in the nut industry in China. The industrial chain advantages and fresh guarantee technology from the product source to the tip of the consumer's tongue have made more consumers at home and abroad trust. The small yellow bag nuts under Qiaqia sell well in more than 40 countries in Europe and America every day and have already become this product. Class I offline and overseas sales of the first brand. At the same time, Qiaqia will launch "Qiaqia New Year Festival" every year during the new year, and win the love of global consumers with innovative and delicious products.

Wang Bin, assistant president of Qiaqia food

With the continuous improvement of the overseas influence of Chinese New Year flavor culture, Qiaqia is also constantly exploring overseas markets and making remarkable achievements. Wang Bin said that Qiaqia melon seeds went to the world with the Chinese and became the Oriental delicacy loved by the people of the world. Overseas sales have exceeded 1.5 billion packages. The overseas sales area of Qiaqia melon seeds has covered nearly 50 countries and regions in Europe, the United States and Asia, and the market coverage of Chinese in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea is more than 90%. The Southeast Asian market has completed the development of dealers in all countries, and has entered Wal Mart, Carrefour, Auchan, Costco and other international markets.

It is reported that on January 19, the overseas Pavilion of Qiaqia new year flavor Pavilion will land in New York, U.S., and spend the year of the pig with overseas Chinese and friends from around the world. Qiaqia will pass on the celebration and jubilation of Chinese New Year culture to the world through its unique "new year flavor show".

4. Focus on resource integration and jointly promote the global gathering and win-win situation of new year flavor industry

Market economy has never been a pure competitive economy, but has been developing in a state of coexistence of competition and cooperation. In recent years, Qiaqia food has made great progress in both business form and cooperation scale, which also benefits from the deep discussion and Research on the whole market ecology with its industry partners and cross industry partners.

As the sponsor of Chinese New Year flavor brand representative alliance, Qiaqia food is deeply committed to its mission. Wang Bin said that for the future development of the alliance, Qiaqia food hopes to maximize the brand value and achieve the goal of 1 + 1 > 2 by integrating the brand resources of Chinese New Year flavor brand representative alliance. For example, we will carry out joint promotion, integrate channels and other cooperation, develop unique cross-border products of the new year, create online "China New Year Festival", and build a new retail model belonging to the alliance. China New Year flavor brand representative alliance will promote enterprises to advance with the times from brand promotion, channel innovation and public praise, and work together with excellent enterprises to go abroad and carry the flag of China New Year flavor.